Pomonte Cooperative – Supermarket and Mill

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23 February 2015
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23 February 2015

Pomonte Cooperative – Supermarket and Mill






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info@agripomonte.it; luzi@agripomonte.it


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Since 1953 it promotes agriculture and zootechnics quality, dealing with processing and marketing of local products. In Maremma, combining different types of production and business activities, we follow a continuous quality improvement of our products, customer satisfaction and environmental protection. The butcher point deals only the local calf raised by our partners in Maremma, the young lamb and lamb from center Italy. In the store of Pomonte (loc.Fattoria) we sell local meats, guaranteed and traceable with operational control of production that follows each stage of processing. The grocery stores, in Pomonte and Santa Caterina (loc. Pianona), are provided by a wide range of local products such as cheese, wine, olive oil, pasta, fruits, vegetables and other food products from the best brands. In Pomonte, Santa Caterina and Scansano stores you can find the hardware, with articles for gardening, irrigation and a range of other products for the home and the country work. On August 5, 2008 it was bought the Montemerano (Gr) oil mill. We organised the first oil campaign that has seen excellent results: a major innovation, a step that opens up new perspectives and new opportunities.
Visit the website: www.agripomonte.it

Ample parking for campers and picnic area. ATM. Day off: Thursday afternoon