4 March 2015
Etruscan Paths
4 March 2015

Why a guided tour

The tourist who climbs through the lonely, winding streets that penetrate the heart of the Maremma hills is immediately captivated by the landscape, now wild and rugged with cliffs and breathtaking cliffs, now soft blanket of pastures from the amazing blooms. Just want to dive in and discover its secrets, Carry on becoming infected by the slowness of natural rhythms, savor the scents, to gather the colors.
A guided tour offers the opportunity to take full advantage of the characteristics of what surrounds us, driving is the interpreter between you and the landscape, between you and the plants that touch your feet, between you and the beating of wings silhouetted against the sky, a stealthy noise among the trees of the forest, a tiny orchid that illuminates the lawn with brilliant colors. Then hike is not just a walk or a pleasant exercise, but it gets the reading of ecosystems intact, the discovery of many protected areas and plants and animals here, and only here often find their ideal habitat.
– Guide town of choice / environment for adults, ? 210.00 Full Day
– Guide town of choice / environment for adults, ? 130.00 Half Day

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